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  • Kornievich Sergey, Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery in MRSH
    Kornievich Sergey, Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery in MRSH
    I was lucky to visit VODAR Hotel several times. I had a lot of positive emotions! But first things first. At the beginning, a gravel driveway from Uhvala to the village Gunmy, where the hotel is located, did not cause any positive emotions – 10 kilometers of dust. :) Even more sad impression were caused by the village itself – old rickety cottages, compounds with overgrown weeds… But the village was over and on the edge of the forest I saw quite a different picture. There were a lot of sturdy constructions and well-groomed territory: a hotel complex, stylish bath with a swimmingpool and a conference-hall. However, people frome cities are used to such holiday complexes and won't be surprised by seeing another one. The best part of VODAR Hotel is the soul of hosts and the warmth with which you are met. The hostess is very attentive to the guests, but her jokes are very sarcastic and not everyone is able to sustain them. :) The VODAR Hotel has everything that you need for a comfortable relaxing holiday. Walking through the beautiful forest with fresh air after which you sleep like a log. Quad trips on impassable wetlands with historical stories about Krupky region. A fantastic forest lake that is surrounded by a marsh, which you can reach only by foot or by quad. All these things become pleasant memories about very high quality holidays in the Belarusian province. VODAR Hotel is a place where you really want to return all the time.
    P.S. 1) A visit into VODAR Hotel is not recommended for people with unstable mentality, because all that you have said and done would be immediately held against you in the most rigid caustic form.:) 2) Do not rely on a successful hunting. You can see beasts only in a museum of a Host as beautiful stuffed birds and animals and wonderful horns. Hunters are specifically lead in such places «to the back of beyond» as a huntsman vividly expressed.
  • Wilfried Jäger, Chairman of the Management Board of the VDE Institute
    Wilfried Jäger, Chairman of the Management Board of the VDE Institute
    As a special guest of the 79th IEC General Meeting held in Minsk from 12th to the 16th October 2015, I had a chance to visit a nice place offering the beautiful things of Belarus nature, history and culture. This place is close to Krupky and the hotel name is "VODAR, in harmony with nature". The full service including accommodation, food, sports and health activities was always on the highest level. This is the result of the dedicated warm heated attitude of the owner Olga and her nice team. Wilfried Jäger, a friend of Belarus, with best regards from Germany. 21th of October 2015.
  • ALEXANDER MOHON, surgeon in 11th city hospital
    ALEXANDER MOHON, surgeon in 11th city hospital
    I visited VODAR Hotel some times for the hunting. I am very delighted with the hotel. Here you will meet excellent infrastructure and care. At this place everything is thought out to the smallest detail, such as a place for changing clothes and lockers for hunters. I really liked excellent staff and, most importantly, a sense of professionalism. Forest, nature - everything is fantastic here. The result you can see in the photos. After hunting I met almost everything for relax – from the pool and the sauna to a very good mood. I hope that I will come here again very soon and I advise you to visit VODAR Hotel.
  • Andrew Zhilko, “MITGroup” CEO
    Andrew Zhilko, “MITGroup” CEO
    I have visited VODAR Hotel with friends and by myself many times. The hotel is an unforgettable place in terms of comfort, facilities, services and activities. Here are you would meet the best conditions for hunting. In these woods you can find all the animals hunting on which is permitted in the Republic of Belarus. No way I am going to change this place in terms of hunting and and outdoor activities. I constantly come here to spend time and wish you would also come to VODAR Hotel.
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Terms and Conditions


Room booking in VODAR Hotel is done with no charge. You can book via:

·         Online booking form on the site

·         phone:  +375 29 377 28 92

·         e-mail: info@vodarspa.by

In your request you have to state your name and family name, contact number, e-mail, duration of your stay and number of people.

Booking is considered guaranteed if you receive booking confirmation and make a pre-payment for the first day of your stay.

Possible payment methods:

·         Via receipt in the bank;

·         Via bank transfer

If you cancel your booking in less than 3 days before checking-in, you will receive a fine equivalent to the price of 1 day of staying. If you cancel your booking in not less than 3 days before checking-in, you will get full prepayment refund.


One day of staying in VODAR Hotel is counted from 14:00 to 12:00 of the next day. If the room is ready, earlier check-in is possible.

When checking in from 05:00 to 12:00 and checking-out from 12:00 to 00:00, VODAR Hotel can request additional 50% of one day stay price for “Early check-in” or “Late check-out”. Prices are formed based on check-in date and duration of stay.

In case the guests do not follow the rules of staying in VODAR Hotel or property damage cases, VODAR Hotel can request a fine in accordance with property damage amount.

VODAR Hotel is not responsible for property safety of the guests that stay in rented room.

The guests should follow the rules of fire safety, electro safety, sanitary and personal hygiene. In case of fire guest should immediately leave the building and inform administrator on duty.

In order to ensure fire safety, sanitary hygiene and with the aim to prevent property damage it is restricted to:

·         Smoke on the hotel territory except for special smoking areas;

·         Store fire accelerants, weapons, drugs or any other items that can be of possible harm to environment and people health;

·         Use heating devices;

·         Leave guests for the night stay;

·         Throw away any items from the window.

Upon checking-in the guest has to inform the administrator about any identified malfunctions of equipment. If there are no noticed malfunctions, the guest is fully reliable for integrity and serviceability of all property in the room. The guest is fully financially responsible for breaking the rules of staying and fire safety.

In case of breaking the rules and damaging the property of VODAR Hotel or third party, the guest fully compensates it.

Pets are not allowed.


When visiting spa-zone the guest has to follow hygiene rules. Before using sauna and swimming pool, and also after every visit sauna, the guest has to take a shower.

It is not allowed to visit swimming pool and sauna with make up, applied creams, deodorants, etc.

It is not allowed to stay on spa-zone territory in outwear and street footwear.

Guest has to use indoor shoes on spa-zone territory. Exception is sauna – indoor shoes are not allowed, footwear should be left outside sauna.

The use of special aqua equipment is allowed only after receiving permission from VODAR Hotel administration.

On swimming pool territory it is not allowed to run, jump in the water from skirtings or any other constructions that surround the pool. It is restricted to give false SOS signals..

Spa-zone is prohibited for:

·         People with open wounds;

·         People with bandages or patches;

·         People with cold-related diseases (herpes), conjunctivitis, skin inflectional disease or any other disease that can be a threat for other guests ;

·         People under alcohol or drug intoxication